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Why Do We Need To Stretch? Do We Really Need To? 🤔

It's boring sometimes, but it's as important as your psychological health.

№ 1


In order to be able to move freely, we need to be flexible. Your muscles, doesn't matter how strong or week they are, need to be flexible not only to maintain the ability to move freely but to increase range of motion.

№ 2

Avoid Traumas!

They become stiff and hard like stone as well as joints... Even if you are doing sports.. Sometimes "ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE DOING LOTS OF SPORT". Flexibility helps to avoid traumas!

№ 3


Proper stretching helps blood to flow to your muscles and activates parasympathetic nervous system - decreases respiration and heart rate and increases digestion... Simply saying: You feel more relaxed and your organs relax with you.

№ 4

Pain relief

Muscle pain comes naturally either you are an athlete or an office worker. Every day your muscles are getting older, less flexibile and more stiff. Every day, no kidding. Stiff muscles are connected to your joints and here why you start having pain! Because it's all connected! Increasing flexibility helps keep your muscles in a good shape not to trigger any reflective pains.

№ 5

No stress

No Stress! Here I speak Body stress and Mind stress. Stretching helps release all the tension and get rid of the contraction in your body, these reflects on your quality of sleep and release endorphins (one of the hormones of happiness or so-called "happy hormone" 😁) into your body.

№ 6

Level Up!

It's always good to achieve new goals, like a flexible back or bridge or a split... It takes time and patience... But it gives so much satisfaction when you get the results! 😍❤️


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