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Let's Break 7 Fitness Myths Together!

Don't believe everything you think ๐Ÿค” ๐Ÿ˜‚

โ„– 1

If I use weights I will become BULKY.

No! No! And No! In order to get your muscles pupmed up sooo much you will need not only weights but a proper protein diet. I lift for squats 40 kg and I know trainers who lift their own weight... No one is bulky, but very sexy. Don't be afraid to lift! It's a normal part of the progress for your body construction.

โ„– 2

Are fitness Marathons helpful?

Yes, they are helpful... For trainers who want to get more money. People like the idea of having a limited time for suffering and sweating...Marathons are good to prepare for a wedding dress or any other event, but if you stop training and stop following your meal plan... Everything will vanish... All your lost kg will be back pretty soon. Let's just get the idea of permanent training into our heads. Accept the fact that you have to train all your life. Not always intensively, but regularly for sure.

โ„– 3

How important is to implement Nutrition and keep diet? Should I stop eating sweets etc?

Should I stop eating sweets etc? It is very important. Training and food control goes hand in hand.

No one says to torture yourself with a strict diet, but adjusting your meal plan will give you the proper boost for faster and longer results. But you should not cut yourself from foods you like. Minimising is more then enough. Cheat days have the reason to exist. And the main reason is your psychological relaxant and motivational boost. Often people who gets all strict about their food... Get into depression and one day just snap into fast food and feel miserable after. Don't torture your body, love it!

โ„– 4

How to know if the fitness program suits me and my goals?

Here is the trick...there is so much information on the Internet that you can get confused... But the truth is that you can learn what exactly to train and follow this way of training. One program for all? Lies. You should adjust the exercises by yourself or get a personal trainer.I am always changing the training for each student depending on his/her development. Don't believe these "let's loose 5 kg together in a week"... Even if it will work... Its not forever... Be smart. Ask your trainer questions, read basic information about your body type and watch yourself in the mirror all the time, to see which changes you need. And get a trainer that shows exercises to a group with different variations, so you can choose yours.

โ„– 5

Cardio means Loosing weight?

Yes, but not only. Cardio is a good way to loose kg, but not for everyone. I repeat "EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT". And one of the best ways to loose weight is weight lifting. Not joking! High metabolism and burning calories!

โ„– 6

I am genetically not able to fix my body the way I want it to be!

Lies. Everything is possible. Every exercise is like an injection of power and beauty to one or a few parts of your body. Don't give up, and don't use and excuse of being born this way.

โ„– 7

You can't get mass without weights.

Lies! You can, your own body weight is the best helper. Look at Frank Medrano! His body is like a sculpture... Body weight is a very good boost for your muscles of course with a good food plan. Don't worry if you don't have weights at home, you have weights up to you.๐Ÿ˜‰

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